Nature Walks at The Andaman, Langkawi

A Macaque Monkey

A nature walk at The Andaman, is a great way to see the lush green rain forest come alive with activity from tropical birds, animals and reptiles, guided by a natue expert from the hotel.

The morning walk is a favourite to see the Great Hornbill and the Macaque and Dusky Leaf monkeys eating their breakfast, whilst the evening walk is an opportunity to see the rare flying lemurs and flying squirrels and foxes.

Or perhaps a family of wild boars might cross your path or you can spot a few of the three hundred types of butterfly in the area. Flying snakes are also found in Langkawi and were recently the focus of a National Geographic film, although are not easily spotted. Oh and also further up the bay, there is a Tarantula family living in a tree.

The forest and surrounding area near The Andaman hotel is beautiful and a trip here isn’t complete without some nature watching – you can’t miss it.

For more information visit The Andaman.

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