24 Hours in East Hampton, New York

So on Saturday we got the train to East Hampton from Penn Station at the ungodly hour of 7.45am. Yes we got up early – but so did a lot of other people with sun umbrellas! The top tip for this train journey is 1) buy breakfast at the station the train is empty of food and 2) bring  a blanket airplane style to sleep most of the way.

Penn StationImage courtesy of Wockerjabby

So 2 hours and a bit later – we arrive in East Hampton. At last! We make our way with our now quite heavy sun umbrella to The Golden Pear cafe for a much needed lattes and granola / yoghurt. Luckily this ensured we fitted right in with the EH ladies who work out in the morning and then head to the Golden Pear. Of course sans the work out clothes and the actual work out.

CoffeeImage courtesy of Pinterest

Coffee morning over, we head to Main Beach. Not apparently the best beach in East Hampton but taxi / walking distance (it took a while) from town and therefore perfect for us. Check out these sand dunes. The beach was beautiful. Making me wonder what the other top 1-4 are like. Main Beach is number 5 in the list.

Hamptons DunesImage courtesy of Pinterest

We spent the whole day at  the beach – paddling (that water is cold), sunbathing and reading/sleeping.

What are your top tips for East Hampton lazy days? I would love to hear.

Our East Hampton night out will follow tomorrow… Stay tuned.

Love Ali x


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