A Parisian Weekend: Part 2 – Dinner at Chez Janou

I was looking for a stylish French bistro for our Friday night out. It had to be cute, be in the right part of town (Marais cool – but closer to edgier parts) and have a fabulous friendly vibe. With amazing French food. Enter Chez Janou!

Chez Janou, Paris
The outside of the restaurant is super cute with a green and white awning. You are greeted by a crowd of happy drinkers who are outside sharing a few drinks while waiting for a table. Push your way inside and you find a half-moon bar crowded with people.

Chez Janou, Paris

The restaurant tables are all hidden behind the bar façade. Chez Janou is a perfect small restaurant with tables not to close together but close enough to chat to your new friends if you need to. We did.

The food was delicious – with a hit of sunshine from Provence – think gambas in pastis while drinking rose wine. And the best way to finish off is with their famous chocolate mousse.

Go here and enjoy the super Paris vibe. And check out their cool mini film on Chez Janou.

Do you have a fave Parisian French bistro? Tell all about it below (points down)

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