Story Concept Store in Chelsea, New York

Story store, Chelsea, New YorkIs this New York’s coolest tourist shop? It is but only until the 19 August, when it will close and re-open with a new story-based theme. So at the moment the theme is New York, but the next one is yet to be released and previous themes have included subjects like colour and love.

Story store, Chelsea, New YorkThis ultimate concept shop named Story was the idea of Rachel Shechtman who wanted to create a theme around her retail space and bring products sold online back in to the retail environment for a limited amount of time. So every 4-8 weeks it all changes – the merchandising, design, fittings and fixtures to make way for a new theme.

Story store ChelseaThink of it like a magazine with a love issue for February, a colour issue for spring and now New York for the summer holidays. It’s a forever-changing space. The store sells a very cool selection of fashion, interiors, books and gifts. My fave highlight was these stunning hand-made leather pouches by Brooklyn based designer Tracey Tanner.

Story store, Chelsea, New York

Story is located on 10th avenue at 19th street. Check it out before the New York theme closes on 19 August 2012.

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